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Say hello to your #SmartCreative.

“And who, exactly, is this smart creative? A smart creative has deep technical knowledge in how to use the tools of [his] trade, and plenty of hands-on experience.… [He] is an expert in doing. [He] doesn’t just design concepts, [he] builds prototypes. [He] is analytically smart. [He] is comfortable with data and can use it to make decisions.… [He] is business smart.… [A smart creative] must possess business savvy, technical knowledge, creative energy, and a hands-on approach to getting things done. Those are the fundamentals.


Delightful UX design (doing) doesn't happen without intentions of design thinking.

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It more than being a coder (doing); building digital products without the application of computational thinking is counterintuitive.

Programming since he was in high school in the 1990s, Michael continued that passion by earning a bachelor's degree in computer science from New York Institute of Technology's School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, and by accumulating over 10 years of professional web development experience.

Still very much a computer scientist, he continues to pursue his interests in data visualization/D3.js, MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js), React (and isomorphic JavaScript), REST API, device-side JavaScript, Internet of Things (IoT), and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Hands-on + business savvy.

Proudly got it done—built and shipped digital products—for these global brands for over 15 years.